David Schulingkamp, President of MBLX, LCC., Announces Distribution of the NOLA Japan Quake Fund

21 Sep 2012

David Schulingkamp, President of MBLX, LCC., corporate sponsor for Jammin’ for Japan, has announced that the funds raised by the benefit concert for the NOLA Japan Quake Fund have been distributed to organizations in Japan. Through mostly grassroots efforts, including Jammin’ for Japan, which raised over $55,000 and critical awareness of the NOLA Japan Quake Fund, the fund has received nearly $300,000 in donations from individuals, local businesses, and corporations.

Two members of the Japan Club of New Orleans, Dr. Masako Wakabayashi and Mrs. Hiroko Kusuda, went on a fact-finding mission to the affected regions in Japan to identify the areas of greatest need and have identified two very different funding areas through their research. One grant will support a government fund for orphans, which will directly aid school-age children who have lost their parents in the disaster. A second grant will fund Life Supporters of Miyako, a grassroots nonprofit that provides much-needed mental health services and legal aid to victims in one of the hardest-hit areas.

As Mr. Schulingkamp said, “Japan has consistently been one of the largest trading partners of the Port of New Orleans and the Mississippi River at large for decades and our company has had excellent relationships with the Japanese Trading Companies and manufacturing companies that have been involved in the trade here and throughout the United States since the mid-fifties. Besides business, we have been fortunate to develop warm friendships with many Japanese people and remember well the generous assistance afforded to New Orleans and Louisiana by Japanese companies and organizations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

“Over a year later, our heartfelt sympathies and feelings continue go to the families and friends of Japan,” he said. As Dr. Wakabayashi and Mrs. Kusuda can attest, the needs of the Japanese people continue. Mr. Schulingkamp is challenging other New Orleans and Louisiana companies doing business with Japan to continue to donate to the NOLA Japan Quake Fund.

To donate to the NOLA Japan Quake Fund, visit http://www.nolajapanquakefund.org/index.html.

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