Barge Freight

MBLX provides barge freight handling and related transportation services for a variety of commodities and cargoes, including full barge load and our one-of-a-kind less-than-barge load services that save our customers time and money.

One-of-a-kind less-than-bargeload service

One-of-a-kind less-than-bargeload service

Custom Solutions Save Time, Money

MBLX excels at barging cargo up America’s inland waterways while providing customized shipping solutions, including our one-of-a-kind less-than-bargeload service, that save our customers time and money.

Less-Than-Bargeload Service

While MBLX ships full barge loads of cargo, our unique less-than-bargeload service consolidates many types of cargoes in parcels of less than 1,400 tons, which allows shippers to avoid paying for the entire barge. Such cargoes typically handled are:

  • steel coils, plates, billets, pipes, super bags, ingots
  • crated material
  • other ferrous and non-ferrous metal products

Project Cargoes

Project Cargo Shippers can benefit from full barge load as well as less-than-barge load service. We are experienced in handling many such cargoes, including:

  • earth moving and mining equipment
  • transport vehicles
  • cranes
  • oil exploration machinery
  • excavators
  • wheel loaders
  • graders
  • steel plates

24/7 Tracking and Tracing

One of the many reasons our barge freight customers enjoy working with MBLX is the fact that we always keep them informed about their cargo. Our representatives proactively reach out to their customers to provide written status updates.

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